Ū Crëatë® FAQ

Yes, Klëarvūe Cabinetry® is versatile for use in any room of your home.

Use the printout packet to help assist you when installing your cabinetry layout. Each cabinet is numbers in the floor plan and elevation views. Those numbers can be found on the cabinetry list, and show which components go into each cabinet.

There are a few measurements you will need to begin designing your space:

  • Wall Measurements: Measure the length of your walls that your cabinets will go on. You can either measure the entire wall length or measure the length of the run of cabinets.
  • Ceiling Height Measurement: Measure from the bottom of your floor to the top of your wall. If you have a sloped ceiling, measure the height to the lowest point of your ceiling.
  • Windows/ Doors/ Obstruction: Measure the width and height of your door, window and other obstructions to include the trim. For placing your door, window and other obstructions, measure the distance from the nearest wall to the outside of the trim to place in location. If placing a window, you will also want to measure the distance up from the floor to the bottom of the trim.

Yes, you can change a design. You may recall a previous design layout by entering the design ID on the printout packet, or logging into your program account and recalling a saved design. Once you have completed editing your layout, either re-save, save-as a new file or print the design to generate a new design ID number.

Yes, the Ū Crëatë® program was created as a tool for YOU to use, for free! Become the designer- its as easy as entering your dimensions and building your layout. Finish your project by purchasing your cabinets online or in store!