If there’s one room in the home that’s crying out for a stylish storage solution it’s the bathroom. Who’d have thought we need so much stuff in the smallest room of the house? Toiletries, make up, towels and cleaning products all add up to bathroom clutter that our Klëarvūe Cabinets® can get neat and orderly in no time. Check out our shallow base cabinet options to give you all the storage you need without eating into your floorspace. Designed at a comfort height of 34-3/4” high, our bathroom cabinets combine form and function perfectly; not forgetting our 24” linen towers too. Mix and match cabinets, doors and drawers to create a layout that fits your bathroom perfectly.

Klëarvūe Cabinets® are perfectly designed for use in a bathroom environment as they’re toughened with a water and stain resistant polypropylene finish.