Tips and tricks


Adjusting the hinges

You may find that adjustment is needed with the hinges to line up the doors properly. Using a Phillips screwdriver you can adjust the hinges in six directions.

A) To adjust the doors up and down in height, rotate the cam adjuster in the center of the mounting plate as shown in the illustration.

B) To adjust the doors in and out in depth, rotate the cam adjuster on the front of the mounting plate as show in the illustration.

C) To adjust the doors left and right, rotate the screw on the back of the mounting plate as shown in the illustration.

You may have to make adjustments to both hinges on the door to see results.



A) Turn the metal adjustment screw to adjust the drawer front up and down.

B) Adjusting your drawer fronts to the left and right can be a little tricky. To make adjustments, you will adjust the white adjustment screw inward and outward of your drawer kit by using a Phillips screwdriver. Protrude both adjustment screws to the right to force the drawer front to move to the left. Protrude both adjustment screws to the left to force the drawer front to move to the right.

C) To release the drawer box from the drawer glides, begin by placing your hands under the center of the drawer front. Be careful not to place hands under the drawer glides. From the closed position, use gentle force to extend the drawer completely out and then lift upwards in one fluid motion.

D) To remove the drawer front, use a Phillips screwdriver into the hollowed-out location (looks like a + symbol) and rotate towards the back of the drawer box until the bracket is released. Repeat on both left and right sides of the drawer. Note: If the white screw on the mounting bracket has been adjusted and is protruding out, you may need to un-adjust the screw to remove or re-install the drawer front.