Frequently Asked Questions

To release the drawer box from the drawer glides, begin by placing your hands under the center of the drawer front. Be careful not to place hands under the drawer glides. From the closed position, use gentle force to extend the drawer completely out and then lift upwards in one fluid motion.

Each drawer can hold up to 70 pounds.

A full access cabinet does not use a traditional face frame on the front of the cabinet box, giving you more storage space (or a clear view) in your cabinets.

Yes you can! Each cabinet box can support up to 1400 lbs. when installed properly. You can have your dream cabinets with your dream countertops!

Check out our general installation instruction guide. This can be found in the resources tab, under installation library. You will also find helpful installation videos and other installation guide there.

  • Our standard, engineered wood shelves can hold up to 175 pounds.
  • Our floating shelves can hold up to 20 pounds.

A cover panel is used to finish the side of a cabinet box to match the door front color. Some cover panels are required for structural support.

  • Cut your cover panel with the finished side down. This will reduce splintering when making cuts.
  • Mark the location of the cut with masking tape.
  • Use a high-tooth saw blade when making cuts.

There are 13 door styles available – ranging from slab to shaker to raised panel profiles. There are four finishes in our garage series line- available in select sizes only.

  • Äspet: This town is home to a sea port and beach. It is known for its many cottage rentals and tourist attraction views.
  • Linsell: A Parish of Sweden, known for its bed and breakfast inns and outdoor wildlife.
  • Malmö®: Malmö® is the third largest city in Sweden. It is one of the earliest and most industrialized towns. Malmö® is rich in architecture, museums, theaters and arts.
  • Öland®: The Öland® bridge connects the mainland to the island of Sweden. It is one of the longest bridges reaching just less than 20 thousand feet.
  • Sarek®: Sarek® is one of the oldest national park in Sweden. This park contains 6 of Sweden’s 13 mountain peaks within its boundaries.
  • Stöten: A ski resort located in Sälen, which is one of the largest ski areas in Sweden.
  • Strömma®: Strömma® is named after the Strömma canal. A popular destination for dinners, site seeing, boating and cruising.
  • Trävik: Trävik is becoming a booming “downtown” of Sweden. It features the Draget canal passing through the municipality.
  • Varstå: A greater suburb of Stockholm county, Sweden.
  • Visby®: Visby® is a locality (similar to a census township in the US) on the island of Gotland, Sweden. It is the most populated locality outside the Swedish mainland. Historical buildings and sites still exist today including one of the best-preserved medieval cities, Hanseatic.