Klëarvūe Cabinetry® offers over 40 different pre-assembled cabinet box sizes that are available in multiple heights and widths. When combined with doors and drawer fronts, you can create over 250 different cabinet configurations. Think of Klëarvūe as adult building blocks! Our goal is to give you your dream custom cabinet project for a fraction of the price without sacrificing quality. Better yet, we can get it to you in just 7 days or less!

If down the road you want to make changes to the cabinet’s color or function… you can! With Klëarvūe’s component-based system, you can change a door to a drawer configuration with just a Phillips head screwdriver. Maintenance is also a breeze, as any component can easily be ordered and replaced. It’s never been so easy to keep your cabinets looking as beautiful as they day you installed them.

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