It started with a simple vision.

To create a simple and stylish storage system at a price everyone could afford. We were on a mission to develop a single cabinet ‘box’ that was not only multi-functional, interchangeable and completely modular — but tough enough to stand up to pretty much anything. Our vision was klëar.


An industry we felt could do with a serious shake up and wake up.

We asked ourselves, why did low cost have to mean low quality? Why was paying through the nose the only way to get a well-spec’d kitchen? And so Klëarvūe Cabinetry® was born.
We turned our simple, well-constructed box into a cabinetry superstar; the center of our kitchen universe. Our humble box became the nucleus of something great. Designed around the concept of change, we developed an ultra-flexible internal system that works around 5” increments. This isn’t mumbo-jumbo talk. When combined with stylish doors and quality-engineered drawers it allows you to do so much more ‘stuff’ than a standard cabinet. Take a look for yourselves in our cool video:


We were on a roll… we’d really started something here! Our cabinets weren’t just different; they were better.
Better by design. So we thought, why stop there?

It’s an exciting time here at Klëarvūe HQ, as our storage success story continues. First kitchens, then laundry, bathrooms and garages and now our new star of the show — Klëarvūe Closets. We’ve created a closet system that’s all about you! Take a peek:


We promise to keep doing things differently — to keep on revolutionizing. We promise to keep thinking outside the box. We promise to keep thinking inside the box too.
The Klëarvūe Cabinetry® product design team are a pretty creative bunch. They spend their days planning and innovating; thinking up the next great idea that’s going to revolutionize the way we make storage work for you in your homes. We’re exploring materials and researching and testing new concepts in our quest to bring you cabinetry that looks gorgeous and delivers way off the scale for functionality. We’ll keep you posted.